Scientific Journal Publication

Analysis of Brownie Pan Selection by Using Fuzzy Logic: Shape Optimisation and Heat Distribution Approach

Authors: Farizal Hakiki*, Arif Nurwahid**, Yulianto Nur Arifin**
* Petroleum Engineering Study Program, ITB
** Mathematics Study Program, ITB


This paper is about our identification on regular n-gon pan. In the model we assume for a constant area A to find the number of edges, n in order to know the number of pansN, which can be laid upon an oven with a width to length ratio of W/L. The heat distribution H, is then calculated by two approaches, those are optimum heat to bake a good quality of brownie (q_net) and vertical-surface heat transferred (\rho S_v) . Brownie pan selection program is then generated based upon combination of number of pan (N) and heat distribution (H) by using fuzzy logic tool on MATLAB with Mamdani FIS-type. Those parameterised membership functions are then compared to the quality of pan as an output which has 3 fuzzy sets: “Good”, “Medium” and “Bad”. The input fuzzy sets are determined based on normalised-curve trend of N and H. While, the output one is decided by interpreting a pan quality. The performance of result is taken by using some rule base which are translated from human experience familiar with baking problem. It has finally been proven that the ranks of a pan quality as a result of fuzzy logic are: Even-edged pan and non-dividable by 4, Odd-edged pan and Even-edged pan and dividable by 4. Thus, the proposed pan shape for an ultimate brownie pan is the even-edged pan and non-dividable by 4 which has the minimum number of edges i.e. a hexagon.


Brownie Pan; Fuzzy Logic; Heat Distribution; Optimised Shape


Note of publication:


Building: GKU Timur ITB
Room: Parallel Room 3 (9223)
Date: 2013-06-24 02:30 PM – 02:45 PM
Last modified: 17-Jul-2013


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