Microscope: Revealing Hidden Thing

As you guess, you might know that the function of microscope is to zoom in your sight onto particular object. Allah SWT is indeed expedient because giving us a limited sightseeing ability is a bless. It means our view would not be ruined by every object nearby. Just imagine if we could see everything clearly. In the other case, God also gives a special “karomah” to whom to know hidden thing well. To know someone’s behavior, secret or everything not publicly known. It, sometimes, disrupts their life. I do know that Allah SWT has so special intent that we will be able to use it to learn someone else better. Others say, “I want to get bestowed like you”. The life is, however, not as easy as like counting one, two and three. The hard one is to thank to Allah SWT by using it for proper purposes. You will realize that you are in the middle of darkness but you could figure out your surrounding without doubt. It equals to be you will enlighten your environment and be different. You will bring a change, yeah a good change. That’s the challenge. Recognition to this gift has been felt since they were child, let say pre-school days. Get bold and distinct by their ages. I ask You, Ya Rabb, to guide me holding on You, now and ever.


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