Scientific Journal (Paper)

Print screen of  my subscription
Print screen of my subscription

Since I joined OGRINDO Research Consortium (Oil and Gas Recovery for Indonesia), my life has been pretty altered. I spent many times searching some papers related to my research project. Elsevier and have been frequently visited website. The is now even accessible by home connection just using domain-based account that is using ITB student email account.  Wow, I feel blessed to study here. Accessing paper is not a big issue here. It is indeed easy. This is it, the part of my first step to be a world-class research-scientist. Paper or scientific journal even textbook, later, would be my field to actualize my novel idea, method or scientific experiences.

Time is counting down until the Ph.D title come up in the end of my name. Then, travel a lot to give conference presentation and lecture regarding my research breakthrough. Should “Prof.” initiate my first name? Aamiin.


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