Derive a Formula

f(x), Sigma, exponent,… that’s how formula frequently known. Yeah, it ruins my mind. I can not calmly sleep without deriving formula that I got in the class. Since school days, I thought it was on 5th grade when I knew Pythagorean theorem, I could not imagine how this formula could exist. What the founder did at that time to bring this formula into real life. It was just because I like magical movie so much, I guess the formula came up just after completing “bertapa” for very long time. I should do it at home then. But, I want to eat and watch movie (every sunday morning), so… .  T.T 

Yeah, it was my primitive idea. I have already known how to get it. My curiosity in each formula I face leads me to compose about mathematical model for my thesis. Yups, that is “Mathematical Model of Organically Cross-Linked Polymer Gelation Time to EOR Application“.


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