Are You Courageous Enough for Being A Homeschooler?

Courageous? Well, it is definitely hard to get a definite answer of the question that is typed as the title for this discussion. I my self have no idea for this one. Naturally, you must know what the meaning of the homeschooler is. Related to the dictionary, you can find –er is a sort of suffix that means a person who does. Shortly, homeschooler is a person who joins on homeschooling. The homeschooling it’s self is kind of education program to get study as enjoy as having a rest at home. It carries out at student’s home. One of a figure in education field, Mr. Daryono said that the homeschooling is a home based school that make a student possible to develop their own potential. This system has got a special popularity and been a trend in the whole world. Obtaining the outstanding position for homeschooling, it cannot be also separated for its pro’s and con’s, whereas, has not been new thing in education field. By a blowing of some good news from mass media which say homeschooling is a precise alternative education, the public need know by its self whether it is precious as their mind. Is there the other impact on development of the children? Naturally, the most essential is whether the homeschooling has been agreeable in our country, Indonesia.

HS, common abbreviation for homeschooling, is firstly implemented on USA. Based on National Statistic Centre of Education in 2006, it is predicted 1,1 millions students in USA join on HS for spring 2003. That number has increased 29% related to1999. In Indonesia, there is also rising even there have been some prominent figures such as Kak Seto and Dewi Huges who continually campaign HS. Actually, there are some well known figures who were born from HS for instance: Buya Hamka, Ki Hajar Dewantara, K.H. Agus Salim, Charlie Chaplin, Thomas Alfa Edison, Agatha Cristie, Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, and Christopher Paolini (writer of Novel titled Eragon). Will those names influence parents to shift to HS?

Been thinking and reading so much lately. The most urgent, we can determine the curriculum which one is more appropriate so that it can be a good solution for children with special needs and any problems in understanding a subject can be solved. More exactly, it personalized education or the focus is on one child. Parents need not to be anxiety about transportation because it is less daily travel. More over, they don’t have to worry about bullying or other negative influences because they are with their kids 24/7. Noticing to the chance given, it does not only more efficient use time (e.g. not waiting for 30 children to be quiet and for public transportation, 1 hours lunch break, etc.) but as well as in pursuing interests (talents). It also allows a permanent evaluation of knowledge and an improved feed-back by supporting a closer and better communication than formal school. As results, impartation the values and character emphasis can be easily done.

We may be still hesitant for getting acknowledgment of HS especially in what bureau we can get it and what sort of certificate we will get. Fortunately, Department of National Education, based on The Regulation No. 20 year 2003 about National Education System, can give legal acknowledgment e.g. Paket C as a result of equivalent examination moreover formal certificate as well as studying in formal school through national examination which done by a mitre school. Thus, there is still a bridge that connects to our future and gain education both inside of country or abroad.

As we go along, it is extremely impossible to say “Homeschooling has no any disadvantages”. In fact, HS is less pressure related to academic performance. Well, it might be positive side because not each student has a dauntless to face it. In other hand, we can not compare how good our progress in learning is. Shortly, it is less of challenging environment. It is undeniably vey high in school fees. The most important, it is absence of contact with same age peer. As impact, there won’t be only potential problems in socializing with people but as well as in limiting the number of friends to share opinion and ideas. HS attempts to give a suitable teacher, however, finding a suitable, qualified teacher can become quite hard. Previously, it has to be supported by extra stuff too. Again and again, it takes a lot of money. Even though, the people who can give their child HS is mostly in high economic level, nevertheless, it is quite difficult to give full commitment to encourage, motivate, instruct, etc. because of their (parents) busy. Eventually, both agreeing and rejecting are difficult enough decided by knowing each advantages and disadvantages.

Homeschooling is inherently optional program not only for parent but also student. It can not concern to either the result or the process. Firstly, it is also depend upon which school we will believe in. In this term, we need serious some considerations due to its quality and experiences. At the point, Allah SWT won’t change our destiny if we ourselves have no any intent to change it. Thereby, we will still be able to reach better future as our expectation whether it is through formal school or homeschooling if we want it. Finally, if there is a question “Are You Courageous Enough for Being A Homeschooler?” I will say “Hey Guys! Look what we currently need and have for facing our future!”


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